Thank you so much for your interest in my work! I've assembled a list of my most frequently asked questions. If the answer to your question isn't listed below, please feel free to email me at idknitthatco@gmail.com for help!

How can I place an order? Can I get a custom piece made?

Every wearable art piece is one of a kind. This means that I will not remake pieces, and I do not accept orders or custom requests (unless you are a celebrity or artist whose work I admire haha).

The only way to purchase a piece is through my website or at a gallery exhibition.

As an artist, custom work is extremely draining to me, and I love having the freedom to create based on my own desire. That being said, I try to knit a range of sizes to make sure I am creating original work that lots of people can wear. 

Do you ship internationally?

The short answer is- yes! The long answer is that international shipping is expensive and can be tricky. I do offer it, however, the buyer is responsible for paying any and all customs/import fees. Additionally, I will not refund international shipping costs if the fees are not paid and the piece is sent back to me.

I saw a piece I love on your Instagram, when will you be dropping more?

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and hand-knit. I do not remake pieces, so if you see a piece you love on my Instagram feed and do not see it for sale, someone else has already bought it or I am saving it for a gallery exhibition. 

Do you have installment payment plans available? 

Yes! Installment payment plans are available for any purchase over $50 through ShopPay. 

I love your work, but a sweater is way out of my price range! How else can I support you?

Thank you so much! I know my wearable art pieces are not accessible to everyone. Obviously they are quite expensive because of the time, work, and effort I put into each one!

I have done my best to provide ways to own my art at various price points. You can shop my stickers and prints here

Are your pieces really hand-knit?

YES. My pieces are hand-knit by me using two needles and yarn. I am just so good at it sometimes people think I use a knitting machine haha