Kendall Ross is a fiber artist from Oklahoma City. She gravitated toward traditionally feminine crafts like hand knitting throughout her childhood, learning to crochet from her grandmother. Kendall’s relationship with the women in her family and craft inspired her interest in women’s stories. She earned a B.A. in American history from Pepperdine University where she researched racial divides between Black and white women’s knitting movements in World War I. During that time, Kendall spent a year studying at Fudan University in Shanghai, China.

Kendall’s work celebrates femininity through woman dominated crafts and subject material. Kendall hand-knits, embroiders, and beads wearable pieces to tell the story of what it feels and looks like to be a young woman in a way that approaches the subjects as important and necessary topics in art. Combining traditionally feminine crafts, women’s history, and her personal experience as a young woman, inspires work that is unapologetically feminine.