I gravitated toward fiber art throughout my childhood, learning to crochet from my maternal grandmother. The close relationships I built with women in my family through knitting and crochet inspired my interest in women’s history. I earned a BA in American history from Pepperdine University where I researched women’s hand-knitting movements in World War I. My background as a historian inspires the content and the purpose behind my artistic practice in hand-knitting.

The action of hand-knitting is how I process my emotions, experiences, and memories. I am inspired by the exercise of using a historically woman dominated skill to communicate my personal stories of being a modern young woman. I hand-knit one-of-a-kind, wearable art using wool I hand-dye and my own original texts. I also incorporate embroidery, crochet, hand-beading, and hand-sewing techniques.  In my work, I celebrate the feminine, overlooked moments of young womanhood through exciting and colorful hand-knit garments. 

(photo by Rachel Minick)